We’ve seen a great deal of change over the past ten years. From a charming, quiet little downtown to this bustling, growing city center that is continuously evolving and growing.

Amazon recently announced Garner, North Carolina, located minutes from Downtown Raleigh, for their newest distribution center. Apple may potentially move to the area as well. Startups are being birthed right here all the time that end up gaining National attention. 

Having several world-renowned universities, a fantastic location and great weather only enhances the appeal.

Simply put, this community genuinely cares. We fret about the environment, so we’ve created composting and bee programs. We’re invested in our local farmers, so we host local farmers markets in just about every suburb, and that is not limited to produce. We are genuinely passionate about supporting small, local business, so it’s no surprise we have an abundance of locally owned shops, boutiques, and fabulous restaurants.

What started all the buzz?

Downtown Raleigh started gaining national attention when Chef Ashley Christensen appeared on the Food Network on Iron Chef. She is James Beard Award winner and owns several excellent restaurants in downtown Raleigh. In this tiny downtown alone, we have several brewers, everything from fine dining to the best pub food. We have a charming little dessert and cocktail restaurant, Bittersweet. A Publix is coming to downtown which will complete the “no car needed” living experience. Raleigh City Farm, located in the heart of downtown,which grows produce for many of the restaurants and they host many events there as well. Nationally recognized ‘The Pit’ lives next to local chocolate maker Videri. Raleigh is home to beautiful and educational museums and talented artists as well. North Carolina is home to an array of gifted artists and writers that choose our state to call home. 

Phew. AND, that’s just a tiny bit of name dropping!

The options are endless for a total quality of life experience. It’s no wonder the skyline is changing!

Let’s not forget our cool neighbors: Durham’s FRESH makeover
In the last decade, we’ve watched Durham reinvent themselves as this fresh, artsy cultured town with a bustling food scene and vibrant, creative community. The projects and growth in that area are skyrocketing, too! With one of the most excellent hospitals and universities in the world anchoring the city and a reinvested Durham Bulls Baseball experience, complete with a culinary adventure, not to mention the DPAC and all the cool hotels they offer, it’s no wonder people love Durham. It’s proximity to Chapel Hill, and neighboring towns only enhances their appeal. Durham is an exceptional city! They’ve worked hard to reinvent themselves.

As tech and life science (companies) are looking at the markets with affordability — not everyone can afford the Silicon Valleys of the world — this area is a sound entry point.

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